Want your grocery & gas dollars to be spent for kingdom building work?

Shop at Kroger? King Sooper? Or an affiliate?

2016 has been dedicated in every way to recruiting partners to support God's Glory in Japan. Though our focus will change in 2017 as we move to Japan, we recognize we will always be recruiting more partners and raising more financial support for this critical ministry.


WorldVenture, as a non-profit organization, has a partnership with Kroger and it's store affiliates. We have the opportunity to provide you with a gift card - not a credit card - that when loaded with money, 5% automatically goes to our ministry account at WorldVenture. This account is separate from our monthly support account that funds items such as special projects, outreach events and other ministry tools.


Here's how it works:

  • Load your monthly grocery/gas/prescription budget onto your gift card that we provide you - $500 for example. 

  • $25 will automatically be transferred to our ministry account.

  • $25 is being paid by Kroger.

  • You still have $500 on your gift card.

  • $500 is not the minimum. This is just an example.

Here's a list of Kroger affiliates:

Points of clarification:

  • This is not a credit card. It is a reloadable gift card that we provide you.

  • It costs you no money.

  • It is not tied to your Kroger and/or King Sooper card you use to get discounts.

  • Using the gift card will not affect the benefit of using your discount card.

  • You can reload your gift card by credit/debit/cash.

If you wish to participate in being part of God's Glory in Japan by using this gift card method, please let us know. Send us an email (mitchell.justinandlindsay@gmail.com).

We encourage you to be part of this opportunity in "Declaring His Glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all peoples" (Psalm 96:3).

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