A former missionary, now pastor at a supporting body gave us the following advice.

"Find things you love about your host country."

This approach gives new and settling missionaries a sense of grounding and home when so much of the missionary's host country reminds them.....


Since becoming a Christian, the Easter holiday has always been a time of great encouragement. I'm sure the same for many of you. Of course, the very reason for which we celebrate Easter - Christ's death, burial and resurrection - is the primary reason. Yet, there was a...


A slow read through Mark's gospel has given me cause to pause, pray and study more thoroughly over certain texts. This morning I came across Levi's (Matthew) conversion in Mark 2:13-17.

Typically I've read about the conversion story and only given consideration to just...


Saturday, October 12th, Typhoon Hagibis hit the Greater Tokyo Area (Kanto Region). The most recent report I located indicates 83 died as a result. This was the biggest storm in the region since 1958. Our area, Northern Yokohama, was fine. However areas close to us, par...


Mother's Day is upon us once again. And while card companies utilize these holidays for their financial gains, I do believe in the significance of honoring the mom's in our lives on Mother's Day. Today I want to honor my dear wife, Lindsay.

In preparing for Home Assignm...


Language learning can take on many different forms - formalized language school, private tutoring, informal lessons with locals, self-study, etc. Regardless of approach, these last two years of language learning taught us three key lessons:

1. Comparing Yourself Fairly



For centuries, man has expressed its curiosity with the concept of good and evil.

Many have invested significant hours of study of world history and great powers that have ruled:

  • the Assyrians & Babylonians of ancient Israel & Judah

  • the historical Roman...


Sorry in advance for this disjointed blog series. I intended to finish this 3-part series in the spring, but I've concluded it's God's leading. This last lesson I will write about is something we've been challenged in recently since part 2 was posted. For reference,...


“Ganbare!” がんばれ!

This is a fun little phrase Japanese say to cheer someone on. The meaning is to persevere, persist, or keep at a task. It is basically saying “You can do it!”

Our equivalent in the States is “Good luck!” And though most people don’t necessarily intend fo...


I complain a lot. And when I say "a lot", I mean "A LOT".

Am I alone in this?

It begs the question as to what there is to complain about. Generally speaking it's a result of unmet expectations. Maybe I have a standard of doing something a certain way that's different th...

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