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Church Planting with Denen

In 2001, a group of local Japanese believers began gathering in the home of fellow WorldVenture missionaries for worship and Bible Study. Many of the members are returnees to Japan who previously lived overseas.


This group, later formed Denen Grace Chapel and now meets weekly in Mizonokuchi under the name Mizonokuchi Chapel (MC). MC's desire has been to see new churches started in Kawasaki & Yokohama. These church plants would be part of what is called Denen Grace Church - a group of church/chapels together declaring God's Glory in Japan.


Our family lives 20 minutes west of Mizonokuchi in an area called Azamino. This location is the location of our church, Azamino Chapel. In partnership with Denen Grace Church and other WorldVenture missionaries (see photo), our hope is to see a thriving Japanese church in Azamino while empowering our brothers and sisters in Mizonokuchi. As new churches grow and mature, our desire is to see local leadership lead these bodies. And using this framework of church health and teamwork, see even more new churches in the years to come!

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