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What's new?

Every time I talk to my Dad on the phone, he asks "What's new?" Typically my response is "Nothing - same old same old. What's new with you?"

His response is the same.

My Dad and I always begin our conversations this way.

We moved to Japan 1 month ago and my answer to a question like that now is "Everything!"

Here's a peek at all the new things we've seen and experienced thus far.

Cherry blossom season is here! This is one of the true signs of a new season here in Japan.

We moved from 1,300 sq. feet in our VA house to 860 sq. foot town home. It's an adjustment, but well worth it to share Jesus!

Trash is a BIG deal here. Separating properly and setting your trash out on the appropriate day establishes your credibility as a member of the community. I could use some work in the cardboard area...

Clark begins kindergarten on April 10. We're excited, yet a bit anxious as parents to send the little guy to school!

Speaking of the kids...Clark and Mollie are learning a new way to get around here. We thank God for His provision of these electric assisted bikes. Our neighborhood has very steep hills. Navigating in these bad boys is a breeze compared to the alternative. And we make some friends and hopefully meaningful relationships in the process!​

Kathryn, one of our teammates, graciously came to our area to show Lindsay a few tricks in the kitchen. Lindsay has done a phenomenal job adjusting in this area.

In our "sukoshi nihongo" ("little Japanese") we're slowly but surely building relationships in the community. We've had a few opportunities to share our purpose for being here in Japan. Praise the Lord!

What's new with you?

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